About Accommodation


Whether you are booking a guided, self guided or private trip we’ll be glad to help you to arrange hotel reservations in Czech Republic. We use bike friendly hotels and it means you will have a safe place to park your bike overnight and get accommodation only for 1 night. All hotels are located close to the bike trails or in the town centres.

2-3 Star AccommodationWe can book 2-3 star hotels / guest houses for your trip. You can expect a comfortable room with wi-fi connection and breakfast.
4-5 Star AccommodationWe can book 4-5 star hotels for your trip. You can expect a comfortable room with an en suite bathroom, pictures location, wi-fi connection, breakfast and often the hotels have spa facilities so you can fully relax after your biking day.

Booking your own accommodation

When you book our Self-guided tour package you will receive an accommodation list. These are recommended hotels and guest houses which can be found in the Czech towns we suggest stopping overnight for your specific trip.

It is normally not a problem to book accommodation along the way for your trip if you are travelling in groups of 2-4. However if you are a larger group we recommend booking in advance. If you are travelling between June and August during the peak season we also recommend booking in advance as often hotels and guest houses can be fully booked.