About us


 Cyklus Trails is a local agency created to provide unique travel adventure in Czech Republic, Germany and Austria since 2002.

We are focused on cycling and hiking activities along the Greenways and Moravian bike paths, the Elbe river trails, local places such as Czech Paradise, Karlstejn Castle, Bohemian Switzerland or Cesky Krumlov. Czech Republic has a diverse landscape and good infrastructure creating great opportunities for active, inspiring, authentic and safe travel!

To make sure that you get the best possible experience, we provide personal service and assistance, choosing optimal routes according to your physical abilities, interests or special requests.
It's easy for us being local to accommodate your needs, to organize people and bike pick up from any point of your trip, quickly help you in case of emergency or to suggest a place to visit.

We know how it feels when you travel to new countries, new cultures and only have a limited amount of time. We are giving you a local experience and the helpful information you need.

We do not have any overseas offices and expenses, we do not pay middleman or create unnecessary services. All this contributes to fare price, quality service and great travel experience even for people with low budget. We think traveling is like education should affordable for everybody who wants to do it!

We are here to share our experience and create for our customers an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Wishing you many great travel days and a fun experience on your trails! Cyklus Trails Team


Company details:  Cyklus Travel s.r.o.

ICO: 05825628

Physical/office address: Veverkova 1228/11,  17000, Prague, Czech Republic

Meeting point/ bike garage: Dlouha 24, Prague 1, 11000, CZ

email: info(at)cyklustrails.com

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