Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not much of a cyclist. Will I keep up? Do you take breaks?

We go at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time for photographs. If you can ride a bike, you won’t get left behind.

The breaks are a great part of the experience. All tours have at least a drinks/toilet break if you like.

Can I travel by myself?

Can I travel by myself in the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is safe for travelling alone. You do not need to have any worries about your safety on your way through Bohemia and Moravia. The people are mostly friendly. Except, the old generation does not speak English at all, so if you ask the way, try younger people.

Can we go on the bike tour in March?

I would like to do 4-5 days bike tour in March. I don't mind the cold as I have winter gears, as far its not freezing and snowing.

Yes, its possible to do the tour in March. But you should be ready for colder weather and dressed accordingly. The temperature in range between 5°C and 20°C. The best season for bike tours between Apr 15 and Oct 15.

What if I need to cancel my trip?


  • 50% of total payment is refundable if the reservation is canceled more than 14 days prior to the scheduled start date
  • 100% of payment is non-refundable if the reservation is canceled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date.
How do I reserve bikes for my trip?

You can reserve bikes for your trip via our quick reservation page or just sending us an email and we will contact you for further details.

How do I return the bikes at the end of my trip?

We can provide our bike pick up service. We will come and pick up the bikes from the hotel where you will be staying or at a drop off point. Prices can be found here:

If you are planning to come back to Prague you can travel back with the bikes by train. We can help you book the tickets.

What kind of maps do you provide?

We provide Czech maps from Shocart company which are of good quality and made in detail with all important places to see and visit (cultural sights, museums, pubs and hotels). 

How do I transport my luggage?

We recommend travelling light and taking all your essential items in your panniers. Always put them inside a plastic bag to avoid getting them wet incase of bad weather conditions. You can store any extra luggage free of charge at the bike shop.

Is the trip suitable for children?

If you are travelling with children we recommend our Prague-Dresden route.

Which trip is best? Prague to Dresden or Prague to Vienna?

Both tours are very nice and you will see many beauties of the Czech Republic. On the way to Dresden you will see not only historical cities but also some natural wonders like Bohemian Switzerland with Pravcicka sandstone arch.

The tour to Vienna is also going around charming nature and above all you will see the vineyards where you may taste the best Moravian wine. The decision is allways up to you what you prefer.

Is it possible to allocate our bikes with suspension seat posts or is it necessary for them to be fitted specially for us? If they are fitted for us what would the cost be?

Bike adjustments are free of charge unless they require special parts we don't have.

What type of cell phone do you provide?

We provide smartphones for you which are equipped with GPS navigation system which avoids you to get lost. There is also a credit so you may make necessary phone calls.

How many hours can I expect to cycle each day?

The daily distance depands on the length of the the tour. If you choose the tour for more days, you go daily shorter distance, about 40 km. If you go less days, you bike more hours every day, about 60 - 70 km a day.

Is the trip family friendly?

Yes, we have family friendly trips. We have had many families plan their biking holidays with us.

Do you provide luggage delivery?

Yes we can provide luggage delivery. All details can be found here:

We hope to enjoy our bike ride and to spend time on the way, looking at towns/villages/castles, etc. Is it possible to find accommodation on the way? In other words, is there accommodation approx. 30 to 40 km apart along the route?

On the route there are many accommodation options. In our Self-guided tour package you will receive different hotel/camp accommodation list. We can also provide accommodation reservation service and we can make necessary arrangements for you.

Are panniers provided? Some of us could bring our own if necessary.

You can rent rear and front panniers from us. If you like you can bring and use your own.

I believe it is cheaper to book a train back to Prague on-line. Do you know how we do booking on the bikes? Is this difficult? Is it likely to be full? Do the bikes go on in one piece i.e. not boxed up?

You can take direct train from Dresden to Prague. If you are travelling with bikes you will need a ticket for yourself and for the bike. You can book tickets for yourself online but tickets for bikes have to be purchased at the station. Bikes go in one piece and you just need to put it on the luggage wagon.

We highly recommend booking the tickets minimum 1 month in advance as the spaces for bikes on international trains are limited.

The best option is to let us book all the tickets from Prague for you in advance.

I'm doing a Self-guided trip and because the weather conditions I can't ride anymore, what's the best solution?

Along the route we selected for the self guided trip there are train stations where you can catch a train also carrying your bike. This way you can cover the distance you need to do and still reach your planned destination for that day.

What does the bike insurance cover?

Anti-theft and anti-break bike insurance - Whether you’re booking a guided, self-guided or private tour all our tours included anti-theft bike insurance. It covers theft, so you can relax, ride and enjoy your trip with the confidence you are covered. In the incident that there are any problems along your self-guided trip and you need to pay for repairs or parts. You will be compensated at the end of your trip.

How does the emergency 24hours service work?

You'll get a cell phone from us with a Czech sim card inside and credit. You can use it to call us in case of emergency, and as well we can contact you back.

How do I get from the airport to the bike shop?

You can take a taxi from outside Prague airport directly to the city centre. It takes around 20-25 minutes and should cost around 20-25 Euros.

Alternatively you can take bus 119 to Nadrazi Veleslavin (last stop) and then take the metro line A to the city centre (direction Skalka/Nadrazi Hostivar). The nearest stop is Mustek. From here you walk along the street Na Prikope and Revolucni (still straight). In Revolucni street you take the first turn left to Dlouha Street. Then you walk 3 blocks straight and on the left side you will see number 24 with open yard and bikes on the street. The metro ticket is for 32 CZK (1.2 EUR) and is valid for 90 minutes.

Is it difficult to follow the route? What to do in case we get lost?

Following the route is really easy. All the bike paths are well marked on the way and in the itinerary book you will find all the necessary information you need to follow the route. In case you get lost, don't panic: using the maps and the itinerary instruction you can easy find your way or you can ask a cyclist or any people you meet along the way about the right direction.

What do I do if the bikes get broken?

-If you are doing a guided trip our tours leaders are carrying all the necessary equipment and tools to fix the bikes.

-If you are doing a self-guided trip you'll get a repair kit for emergency repair, then you can find bike shops on the way where you can stop and ask for help. If the damage is too serious and is impossible to fix the bike, you must call us and we will come to help you.

Is the route difficult to follow?

Of course not. We provide maps in detail which help you not to get lost. You will also have a mobile phone with GPS which will help you to find the right way. Anyway, the trail is very well marked.

How do I travel to and from Prague airport?

You can take a taxi from outside Prague airport directly to the city centre. It takes around 20-25 minutes and should cost around 20-25 Euros.

Alternatively you can take bus 119 to Nadrazi Veleslavin and then take the metro line A to the city centre (direction Skalka/Nadrazi Hostivar). The ticket for adult is for 32 CZK (1.2 EUR) and is valid 90 minutes.

Can you book accommodation for me?

Yes we can book accommodation for you. We co-operate with and book 3* hotels if you have special requests please let us know and we will try to accommodate you in them.

Do I need to book accommodation in advance?

It is not always needed to book accommodation in advance in Czech Republic. There are many guest houses and hotels usually available along the way. We do however recommend booking in advance during high season July – August. Often touristic places such as Decin and Cesky Krumlov can be booked out.

Do I need special clothes?

Of course you need! Especially for longer distance tours. We recommend to bring proper cloth for biking adventure: cycling shorts/pants and shirt, gloves, comfortable/cycling shoes (flat shoes are not recommended as they don't have any grip to the pedal), rain jacket, helmet (we provide helmets but we recommend to bring your own).

What should I bring for my trip?

Please take only the necessary things. The panniers have 2x 20 litres, so it is not so big for important cloths and personal things (camera with bateries and memory cards, mobile with charger, medicine, personal hygiene things).

How long does the train take from Prague to Dresden/Vienna?

Prague - Dresden is 2.20 hrs, to Vienna 4.15 hrs. The trains are direct.

Can I take bikes on the train?

Yes you can take bikes on the trains. In Czech Republic you will need to buy a separate ticket for your bike.

How can I get in shape to go on a long tour for more days?

Start Early

Four months before the start of your tour you should be riding a bike, whether it is inside on a trainer, on the road or on a mountain bike. If you have had a long layoff from riding, work on riding at least three days a week, even if it is only for 30 minutes at a time.

Build Gradually

Check the itinerary for your trip to find out what the longest day of your trip will be. Over the course of the next four months include a longer ride once or twice a week. Build your long ride mileage so that it is eventually 5-10 miles longer than the longest day you will ride in your tour. You should be built up to that mileage at least two weeks before your tour.

Spice It Up

Our tours often contain many different kinds of terrain. Training on short steep hills, flat windy roads and long sustained climbs will help you prepare for anything you might encounter on an Adventure Cycling tour. Don’t be afraid to tackle the biggest hill or windiest valley then turn around and do it again, in reverse.

Consistency Matters

Try to ride as often as you can. You may be surprised, but riding for 45 minutes a day six days a week will leave you in better shape than one six hour ride a week. You may not have your legs used to long rides, but you will be accustomed to getting on a bike every day, and that’s what touring is all about.

Other Options

Don’t fret if you can’t get on a bike for some time; staying active is key to a fun tour. Hiking, elliptical machines, swimming, stair climbing, cross-country skiing, and running can all help you maintain your fitness while away from the bike. While biking is always the best choice, these alternatives are much better than resting on your laurels, waiting for the chance to get on the road again.

Are there ATMs in the Czech Republic and are credit cards accepted?

Yes, the best way to get cash is at ATMs, which are widely available. You might have difficulty finding them in the countryside, but you can always ask your guides for help. Most ATMs limit withdrawals to €250 per day. The best place to get cash when you arrive is at the airport ATM.  Don’t worry about shopping around for the best exchange rate. Exchange rates with credit card withdraws are very competitive. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted cards and be sure to contact your bank before traveling abroad so they do not place a hold on your account for suspicious activity.

Credit cards are widely accepted, but still many establishments insist on CASH ONLY, mainly in small shops in the countryside.

What does "double occupancy" mean?

Our prices are per person based on two people sharing a room. Guests who wish to have their own room they will be charged a Single Supplement fee provided there is room availability on the desired trip.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy a Praha Bike cycling vacation. Although you can ride as much or as little as you like, in order to ensure the enjoyment of your trip to its fullest, it is important to assess your personal level of fitness when deciding. We offer a variety of levels of cycling. The level of difficulty is noted at each tour. For guests who aren’t regularly engaged in cardiovascular training or activity, we recommend working with your physician to assess your level of physical fitness so you will be comfortable and enjoy your trip.

Do you offer trip extensions before and after the tour?

Praha Bike has developed an exciting portfolio of pre and post-trip packages for you to choose from in our most popular places to visit. Contact our company to learn more about the packages or to develop a tailor-made package. We will assist you according to your needs. Czech Republic is full of beauties to explore.

Can I book train tickets online? Is it possible to buy train tickets on the day or do I need to buy them in advance?

Within Czech Republic you can buy the tickets simply at the train station or on the train.  If you want to travel on international trains to or from Dresden or Vienna with your bike, you will need to book in advance. Bike spaces are often limited and can only be booked at the train station. We can book these for you from Prague, just let us know.

If you are travelling without bikes it is fine to book your tickets online.