BIKE TOURS from one to multi days, from easy to challenging...

From Prague to Vienna, from Cesky Krumlov to Moravia lands, along Elbe river to Dresden or to Berlin & to all unique places
Connecting history, cycling & nature!

Bike trips through Czech lands, Austria and Germany. Connect the world famous, historically & culturally rich cities like Prague,  Dresden, Cesky Krumlov,  Telc, Vienna, Berlin or Magdeburg.

The beauty of a self-guided bike tour is that you have complete control over your itinerary, choose your own accommodation and dining options to fit your budget. Detour to explore a hidden gem, or stop for a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant. With a self-guided tour, you'll be provided with a detailed route map/app, with suggested stops and attractions, and all the necessary equipment.


One day bike ride to 650 year old Karlstejn Gothic Castle. Enjoy an easy ride through picturesque countryside & nature protected areas along the Berounka & Vltava rivers. The best season for trips to Karlstejn Castle is between Apr 1 and Oct 31.
NOTE: on Mon trips are available but Castle is closed (except July and August when is the Castle open on Monday too).

Experience the Greenway bike trails in one day! Bike ride through the spectacular Prague countryside along the famous Greenways, visit 14th century Konopiste Castle, refresh in the original Czech brewery Kozel, ride along the river in Prague, enjoy unique Pruhonice castle & UNESCO park and botanical garden.
Dates: The best season for trips to Konopiste Castle is between Apr 1 and Oct 31.
NOTE: on Mon trips are available but Castle is closed. 

The Prague - Dresden bike trip is one of our favorite, enojable and most popular bike trips along the Elbe river.  Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this trip is for everybody with easy with flat terrain. As you cycle through the countryside, you'll experience the natural beauty of the Czech Republic along tranquil rivers Vltava & Elbe. The trip merges beautiful nature with changing historical landscapes of former communist Czechoslovkia and modern post-Communist Czech Republic.
Prague - Dresden (or Dresden - Prague) cycling tour takes an average of 4 to 6 days. The best season for Prague - Dresden trips is between Apr 15 and Oct 15.


Cycle along the Greenways trails through the historical lands of the Czech Republic. On each day of your trip you will visit gorgeous medieval castles, enjoying local cuisine, biking through spectacular landscapes, cities & towns like Prague, Tabor, Hluboka nad Vltavou and Ceske Budejovice. When you reach Cesky Krumlov you will be fascinated by this beautiful well-preserved unique medieval town.
Our Prague - Cesky Krumlov (or vice versa) cycling tour takes from 4 to 5 days. The best season for Prague - Cesky Krumlov trips is between Apr 15 and Oct 15.

The original Greenways bike trails begins in Prague, taking you through Bohemian and Moravians lands to Vienna, the heart of art and music. Connect two, historically rich and thousand year old capitals of Czech Republic and Austria. This trip has everything, it is full of amazing castles, nature, history and various cycling path.
Our Praha - Vienna (or vice versa) cycling tour takes from 7 to 10 days. The best cycling season is between Apr 1 and Oct 30.

During the tour from Prague to Vienna you will have a chance to really explore the historical and natural beauties of the Czech Republic. From Prague you will go south through the Sazava river valley to Sedlcany and Tabor. You will see UNESCO city Cesky Krumlov with a large castle above the river and renaissance town Slavonice with sgraffito houses. You will continue around the Dyje river to the chateau Vranov and to historic town Znojmo in southern Moravia. Here starts the wine region around cities Mikulov and Valtice with UNESCO chateau Lednice and a large park around. In Austria you will pass Poysdorf and finish in Vienna.