Bike & Hike trips are multisport adventure trips. Tours available to all adventurous people regardless your experience in hiking or biking.

During the trip you will have a chance to combine biking and hiking in the beautiful part of Bohemian Paradise. The bus will take you with bikes to the central part of the park where you start a nice circle with some most picturesque stops to take pictures and listen to the guide about history and nature. You will visit the Trosky and Kost castles and hike around the rock formations. Our mini van will take you back to Prague after the tour.

Our mini van will take you from Prague to the Konigstein Fortress in Germany. After visiting the castle with nice views above the river, you will go by bike along the Elbe river to the Hrensko village in Bohemia. Here you will hike to the Pravcice sandstone arch, the largest gate in middle Europe. After the refreshment you will continue to Decin, cca 15 km. After our mini van will take you back to Prague after the tour.

Explore the beautiful valley of Elbe rivers, from Prague to the castle in Decin. On the way you will ride in the van through volcanic landscape of Ceske stredohori to Decin with rock formations in Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the Elbe river canyon and around the Konigstein fortress.