Our bikes, equipment, sizes



We provide quality hybrid-trekking, gravel, or electric bikes for our trips. Our bikes are locally built and customized for recommended trails in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. Different sizes and types of bikes are available, and we will choose the right one for you to enjoy the ride.

Bicycle specification:

  • Hybrid/Trekking 28" wheel bikes - sizes from S to XXL. Alu frame, Shimano gears(3x9 or 1x9) for different terrain.  
    Different frame types: Man style - high crossbar or low/unisex crossbar. Sizes S,M,L, XL, XXL.

Low Frame - Trekking Touring bike

  • Gravel/Touring 28" wheel bikes - sizes from S/M to XL (height 160-195cm), Steel frame, Shimano gears (1x10) for riders of all different levels. Only Man style - high crossbar style frame available. Sizes M,L, XL.

Gravel / Touring bike

  • Classic E-bikes 26" wheel, 7 gears, charger, battery 50-70km per 1 charge. You can recharge the battery during the day(at lunch..), or at the night time at your accomodation. Sizes S,M,L.

  • Anti-puncture tires

  • Variety of handlebars height and positions to be comfortable and enjoy the ride

  • Water holder, different types of gel seat (or bring your own and we will install it for you)

  • Rear rack for all kinds of pannier (use ours or bring your own)

  • Normal pedals or SPD on request (or bring your own and we will install it for you)

  • Suspended or stiff front fork (depends on the bike type)

  • Weight & height limitations apply, see the notes below.

Bicycles are always checked by our mechanic before the trip. We provide bike fitting one day before your trip and we are always ready to make the right adjustments on the bike for your comfort. Don't hesitate to ask us for special requirements in advance or when you will check the bike at our bike shop.

EQUIPMENT - included in the price or added on request

  • Rear panniers (sizes in Litres), comes in pair: 25 L (2x12.5L) / or 40 L (2x 20 L) / or 60 L (2x 30 L)

  • Front handlebar bags: 2 L (for camera, wallet, phone)

  • Rear rack for your panniers (on the sides), with extra space on top for your backpack or small bag.

  • Bicycle repair kit (spare tubes, bicycle pump, puncture repair kit, chain tool, multi-function tool, tire levers)

  • Bike lights (on request)

  • Phone holder

  • High-security Safety lock - Abus

  • Helmet on request (or bring your own)

ABOUT Weight & height limitations

    Participant weight limitation for trekking bikes under 110Kg (240lbs)
    Total Weight limitation for trekking bikes incl. the bike, the rider & luggage max 125Kg (275lbs)
    Participant height limitation for trekking bikes: min 150cm( 5 feet) and max 202 cm ( 6.6 feet)
    Participant height limitation for gravel bikes: min 160cm( 5.2 feet) and max 196 cm ( 6.5 feet)
    E-bikes are not recommended for children aged 15 and under
    Weight limitation for e-bike: over 50kg(110lbs) and under 100Kg(220lbs)
    Total Weight limitation for e-bike incl. the bike, the rider & luggage max 125Kg (275lbs)
    Participant height limitation for e-bikes: min 155cm(5.1 feet) and max 190 cm ( 6.2 feet).
  • We recommend wearing comfortable (or sporty) clothing and shoes
  • Based on your individual requirements bring anything extra you might need for a day out (cereal snack, sport drink)
  • This activity operates rain or shine. Make sure you have sunscreen, rain ponchos, or warm gloves for the ride
  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

Bike Sizes

WHAT IS YOUR SIZE? (Bike inseam measurments are approximate)

Size STo crotch to floor height: Less than 70cm
Size MTo crotch to floor height: 70cm to 80cm
Size LTo crotch to floor height: 80cm to 88cm
Size XLTo crotch to floor height: 89cm to 94cm